Annual Report 2014–15

3Performance reporting

This section provides performance reporting on the AEC’s activities against the agency outcome and three programmes set out in the 2014–15 Portfolio Budget Statements.

In alignment with the National Office structure, this consists of four reporting areas. The specific deliverables and key performance indicators in the Portfolio Budget Statements are the basis for assessing achievement in each area.

Electoral roll management

This section reports on the AEC’s performance in monitoring and maintaining the electoral roll, including changes in the enrolment rate and the strength of related business processes and integrity measures.

Managing elections

This section provides an update on the ongoing management of work associated with the delivery of federal elections, by-elections and referendums. This includes the AEC’s ongoing work as part of its Electoral Reform Programme.

Election support services

This section reports on the AEC’s performance in providing a range of election support services, both nationally and internationally. They range from conducting workplace elections throughout Australia to supporting electoral programs and activities in countries such as Nepal and Myanmar.

Education and communications

This section covers the diverse range of communication, education and public awareness programmes the AEC undertakes to support eligible Australians to exercise their democratic rights and responsibilities.