Annual Report 2014–15

4Governance and compliance

The AEC seeks to maintain electoral integrity through a governance framework designed to ensure transparency and accountability. The internal governance framework is complemented by a range of external scrutiny mechanisms through which the AEC is accountable to its stakeholders, including the Australian Parliament and the public.


An important aspect of the AEC’s work in contributing to impartial, accurate and transparent electoral outcomes is the principle of integrity.

Corporate governance

Leadership and management structures, including a range of management committees, provide checks and balances for the AEC’s work and provide senior leaders with the necessary insight to shape the agency’s strategic direction. In 2014–15 the AEC implemented a number of changes to this structure and the way it operates.


A range of business planning and reporting mechanisms ensure clear lines of accountability and decision-making within the AEC. A comprehensive set of reporting and planning documents are regularly updated to reflect internal and external change.

Legal compliance

The AEC’s legal compliance measures are evaluated in terms of administrative, judicial and parliamentary scrutiny. Legal services are provided by both in-house and external resources.