Annual Report 2013–14

Managing resources and assets

Investing in the AEC’s workforce, modernising information and communications technology (ICT) systems, and managing resources and assets efficiently all underpin the delivery of AEC services.


Investing in our people

The recruitment, training and retention of highly motivated professionals is critical to the delivery of modern, efficient electoral services that meet community expectations of integrity and quality.

Environmental performance

The AEC implements measures to minimise the effect of its operations on the environment and drive more sustainable business practices.

Assets management

The AEC manages both physical and information assets, including ICT systems and infrastructure, office fit-outs, machines and equipment.

Procurement and contracts

The AEC manages procurement, tenders, consultancies and contracts to maximise efficiency and ensure compliance with the Commonwealth’s financial framework and reporting obligations.

Financial performance

The AEC is funded to deliver electoral services and reports transparently on financial performance outcomes.

Performance highlights

In 2013–14 the AEC:

  • recruited, employed and trained around 70 000 temporary staff for the 2013 federal election, and approximately 7 000 temporary staff for both the 2014 Griffith by-election and the 2014 Western Australian Senate election
  • implemented measures to reduce the environmental impact of the 2013 federal election
  • continued to modernise its ICT services and environment to support election delivery and provide improved services to the public
  • streamlined procurement processes to enhance quality assurance and compliance with procurement obligations
  • undertook measures to reduce an operating deficit resulting from increased costs of election delivery.