Annual Report 2013–14

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Appendix G: Advertising and market research

In 2013, the AEC delivered a national public information campaign for the 2013 federal election. The Griffith by-election was supported by local advertising and direct mail. The Western Australian Senate election 2014 was supported by a state-wide public information campaign. Advertising was tailored and translated for culturally and linguistically diverse and Indigenous audiences.

Table 43 provides particulars of payments not less than $12 400 (GST inclusive) to advertising agencies, and market research, polling, direct mail and media advertising organisations, as required under section 311A of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. Figures reflect payment above the threshold unless otherwise specified. There were no payments of $12 400 or more to polling or direct mail organisations.

Table 43: Payments, $12 400 or more (GST inclusive), for advertising and market research
Agency type Agency name Details Amount ($)
GST inclusive

Advertising agencies

BMF Advertising

Advertising development

148 531

Cultural Perspectives

CALD – advertising development

59 620

Market research

Ipsos Social Research Institute

Qualitative and quantitative market research services

742 614

Media advertising organisations


Media placement (non-campaign advertising)

1 122 211

Universal McCann

Media placement (campaign advertising)

19 940 072a
  1. Due to the way these payments are reported to the AEC, this figure includes invoices below the threshold.