The AEC manages both physical and information assets. Physical assets include IT software and hardware, office fit-outs, and office machines and equipment. Information assets include major computer systems that help the AEC manage the electoral roll and conduct elections.

Physical assets

The Information Technology Branch manages the AEC’s IT assets, including servers, desktop computers, printers, scanners and operational software.

The National Property team manages accommodation and fit-outs based on the AEC’s implementation of larger work units policy, which incorporates an ‘end of life’ or ‘end of lease’ schedule. An external commercial property manager is engaged to assist with property management.

Workplace Services and Security staff oversee the asset database and manage office equipment and non-networked machines using an ‘end of life’ replacement schedule. Service and maintenance agreements ensure all assets are fully functional and operate optimally.

Major asset purchases in 2012–13 were office fit-outs for a number of office co-locations and the purchase of multi-function devices for the entire AEC network. Multi-function devices (MFDs) provide printing, scanning and photocopying. The AEC procured MFDs under the whole of government panel arrangements to replace existing printers and photocopiers that had reached the end of life.

Information assets

The enrolment system (GENESIS/RMANS) and the election management system (ELMS) are the AEC’s main processing systems. During 2012–13, the AEC improved these systems to ensure election readiness. These systems are fundamental to:

  • support initiatives to grow and maintain the electoral roll
  • determine and maintain voter entitlements
  • conduct federal elections, referendums and by-election events.

Greater use of contemporary technologies delivered better access to online services. For example:

  • Check Enrolment – an online enrolment verification
  • Online Enrolment – a facility to enrol and/or update enrolment details
  • Online Postal Vote Application – a facility to register for a postal vote
  • AEC Employment – an online facility to apply for temporary employment and monitor progress of an application
  • Forms upload – an online facility to upload scanned forms.
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