Managing the electoral roll

  • 14 227 165 Australians were on the electoral roll at 30 June 2012. This represents approximately 90.6 per cent of those who are eligible to enrol to vote.
  • 99.5 per cent of enrolment transactions were correctly processed.
  • 88.52 per cent of enrolment transactions were processed within three business days.
  • We provided 524 products and services based on electoral roll information to state and territory electoral authorities.
  • We provided 3 213 roll products and extracts of the electoral roll to state and territory electoral authorities, members of parliament and senators, political parties, government departments and agencies, and medical researchers for purposes specified under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. This was 23 per cent more than in 2010–11.
  • 100 per cent of roll products delivered were accurate and delivered by the agreed deadline.

Delivering elections and ballots for Australian workers

We organised 1 272 elections and ballots for Australian workers:

  • 263 were industrial elections,
  • 830 were protected action ballots, and
  • 179 were elections and ballots on a fee-for-service basis.

Supporting political parties

  • We processed seven applications which sought to register a political party, deregister a political party, change a registered name or seek a review of an AEC delegate’s decision.
  • We processed 96 applications to change the recorded details of party office-holders.
  • We processed and published 764 financial disclosure returns.
  • We completed 57 compliance reviews of political parties and associated entities.

Providing education services

  • 87 717 people visited the National Electoral Education Centre in Canberra, where we conducted 2 529 education sessions with a 100 per cent satisfaction rating.
  • We reached 131 876 school and community members with our education services.
  • 87 per cent of participants were satisfied with education sessions delivered in schools by our staff.
  • 2 527 students from 17 universities participated in our teacher professional development sessions. More than 98 per cent of participants were satisfied with the sessions.

Assisting the public

  • We answered more than 330 000 phone calls from the public.
  • Our language-specific telephone interpreter, VITS LanguageLink, handled more than 1 500 calls. Of those calls, 875 utilised the interpreter service to speak to AEC staff.
  • We responded to 70 letters referred to us from the Special Minister of State. We answered the letters generally within two weeks from the date of receipt from the minister’s office.

Working for the AEC

  • We employed 2 065 staff, including 807 ongoing, 88 non-ongoing, and 1 170 staff for irregular and intermittent duties under the Public Service Act 1999.
  • Staff voted to accept the AEC Enterprise Agreement 2011–14. The agreement provides for a workplace that is safer, healthier, more flexible, and reflects the unique working conditions of the AEC.
  • We received 147 applications for our 2012 graduate program. Six graduates will complete our program this year.
  • We advertised 136 job vacancies, and reduced print-based advertising through online media.