We published five open tender requests in 2011–12. In all cases, our tender documentation was made available electronically through the AusTender system. We received tender responses electronically through AusTender.

Policy and planning

Our procurement policies, processes and practices are designed to be consistent with the FMA Act and the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines.

Our up-to-date and simplified procurement procedures enable staff to conduct their procurement processes effectively and efficiently, and in accordance with our Chief Executive Instructions, which are available to staff on the AEC intranet.

In 2011–12, we emphasised better procurement planning so that we could more accurately project future procurements in our Annual Procurement Plan.

Advice and training

Our Commercial Law and Procurement Section continued to provide specialist advice to staff to assist them in conducting procurement in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines.

In 2011–12, the section continued to conduct training sessions to help AEC staff meet their obligations under the procurement policy framework and be in the best position to determine value for money when conducting government procurement.

In addition, the section continued with the development of a suite of e-learning modules for staff. The e-learning modules will not only deliver benefits over traditional classroom training, but provide flexibility of learning and saves us money, as staff do not have to travel or spend excess time away from work.

Environmental guidelines

We have adopted the Environmental Purchasing Guide and checklists of the Department of the Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities to take into account relevant energy and environmental issues when making government procurement decisions.

During 2011–12, we made four approaches to the open market seeking procurement services covered by the Environmental Purchasing Guide and checklists. The procurements were for the services of:

  • construction, dismantle and return of storage of the National Tally Board and ancillary structures,
  • provision of courier services to the AEC in Victoria,
  • provision of staffing services to the AEC in Victoria, and
  • provision of printing, packaging and freighting services to support overseas voting.


We did not administer any discretionary grant programs in 2011–12.