Physical assets

We have three major asset groups: IT software and hardware, office fit-outs, and office machines and equipment.

IT software and hardware

The Information Technology Branch continued to manage all IT assets, including our servers, desktop computers, printers, scanners and operational software.

Office fit-outs

Our National Property team continued to manage all accommodation and fit-outs on a rolling ‘end of life’ or ‘end of lease’ schedule. We engage an external commercial property manager to assist with commercial property management.

Office machines and equipment

Our Workplace Services and Security staff continued to manage office equipment and machines. We used an ‘end of life’ schedule and asset database to manage the replacement of those assets. We ensured that service and maintenance agreements were in place so that all assets were fully functional and operating optimally.

The major asset purchase in 2011–12 was office fit-outs, which were the result of a number of office co-locations. In addition, we initiated a progressive replacement of photocopiers and some printers across the office network.

Information assets

We continued to improve our major computer applications: GENESIS; the roll management system (RMANS); and the election management system (ELMS). These three applications are the Commission’s backbone processing systems, enabling us to:

  • conduct and implement electoral boundary redistributions,
  • support initiatives to grow the electoral roll,
  • conduct federal elections, referendums and by-election events, and
  • meet the core objectives of maintaining an effective roll, and an impartial and independent electoral system.

In addition, we made greater use of contemporary technologies in delivering modern products and services in line with community preferences for more online services that are available at all times.

Online services that are currently available to the public include:

  • Enrolment verification facility – an online facility that allows voters to check their enrolment status.
  • Online enrolment – a new facility that provides a mechanism for voters to update their enrolment details, enrol to vote for the first time and monitor the progress of their application.
  • Online postal vote application system – a new online facility that allows voters to register for a postal vote when they are unable to vote at a polling place on election day.
  • AEC employment – an online facility where members of the public can apply for temporary employment and monitor the progress of their application.