This report describes the performance of the AEC for the financial year ending 30 June 2012. The aim of the report is to inform members of parliament, Australians, political parties, interest groups, candidates, electoral authorities, government agencies, students, teachers, and the media about the services we provided in 2011–12.

The report includes performance against our outcome, deliverables and key performance indicators as outlined in the Portfolio Budget Statements 2011–12.

We prepared the report in accordance with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Requirements for Annual Reports.


Year in review

‘Year in review’ is the Electoral Commissioner’s reflection on the year, our challenges and developments.

About us

‘About us’ is information about our role, outcome, values, organisation, programs and legislation.

Report on performance

‘Report on performance’ describes our program of work for the Australian community and our partnerships. The section includes achievements against key performance indicators, grouped under two headings ‘Engaging Australians’ and ‘Our partnerships’.

Our governance and compliance

‘Our governance and compliance’ describes our management and accountabilities that guides our processes and performance. The section includes workplace health and safety and external scrutiny arrangements.

Managing our finances and assets

‘Managing our finances and assets’ is our financial performance analysis, financial statements, an independent auditor’s report, and information on how we manage our assets and contractual arrangements.

Improving our efficiency

‘Improving our efficiency’ details how we manage, invest in, recruit and retain staff. The section also includes how we manage our information technology and our environmental performance to improve our efficiency.


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Warning. This report may contain the names and images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people now deceased.