Program 1.1: Electoral Roll Management

Table 1: Objective and deliverables (Program 1.1)
Program objective Program deliverables

Voter entitlement for Australians and support for electoral events and redistributions through maintaining an accurate and up-to-date electoral roll.

Electoral roll management: maintain multiple streams of contact with electors to encourage them to enrol and keep their enrolment up-to-date.

Support services for electoral redistributions: deliver support for the redistributions culminating in the AEC providing updated electoral boundary redistribution maps and advice to impacted electors.

Program 1.2: Election Management and Support Services

Table 2: Objective and deliverables (Program 1.2)
Program objective Program deliverables

Access to an impartial and independent electoral system through the provision of election services, assistance and advice.

Federal elections, by-elections and referendums: deliver a range of products and services to support the successful conduct of a federal election or referendum. These products are both for electors (for example, procurement of polling place equipment, identification of polling places, public information campaigns and communication products), and AEC staff (for example, computer-based systems, training materials, procedural materials and electoral forms).

Party registrations: maintain the Register of Political Parties in a way that meets the requirements of the Electoral Act and assists people make applications for party registration.

Funding and disclosure services: deliver transparency and accountability in the sources of political funding in Australia and the expenditure of those participants involved in the political process at the federal level. A range of products has been produced, and will continue to be maintained, designed to assist with reporting obligations to lodge accurate and timely returns in accordance with the requirements of the Electoral Act.


  • successfully deliver elections and ballots for authorities and organisations on a full cost recovery basis in accordance with the AEC’s minimum standards,
  • deliver effective assistance with the conduct of state, territory and local government elections where requested by the relevant electoral body, and
  • deliver an increasing number of elections and ballots each year for authorities and organisations that have accepted a quote for service.

Industrial elections and Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) elections:

  • conduct industrial elections in a timely and transparent manner that meets the requirements of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 and each organisation’s rules,
  • conduct Protected Actions Ballots in accordance with the Fair Work Act 2009 and Fair Work Australia orders,
  • deliver a range of products and services to support the successful conduct of TSRA elections that are conducted in line with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act 2005, and
  • deliver the election time specific services.

Advice and assistance in overseas elections: provide, in cases approved by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, advice and assistance in matters relating to elections and referendums to authorities of foreign countries or to foreign organisations. As part of this process, capacity building materials will be developed.

Program 1.3: Education and Communication

Table 3: Objective and deliverables (Program 1.3)
Program objective Program deliverables

Informed Australians through the provision of information services on electoral matters.

Electoral education:

  • continue to deliver a variety of electoral education services,
  • greater use of online technology to deliver supporting resource material, and
  • collaborate and partner with other government and non-government instrumentalities in the delivery of quality civics education.

Communication strategies and services:

  • development and implementation of the AEC’s communication strategy to support its conduct of the next federal election, and
  • make greater use of contemporary technology to deliver modern products and services in line with community preferences for more online services.

Community strategies: implementation of the Indigenous Electoral Participation Program.