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Updated: 18 October 2011


The AEC published seven open tender requests in 2010–11. In all cases, tender documentation was made available electronically through the AusTender system. Tender responses were also received electronically through AusTender.

Policy and planning

The AEC's procurement procedures were reviewed and enhanced during 2010–11, to:

  • respond to changes to the Commonwealth procurement guidelines,
  • address past audit recommendations, and
  • reflect recommendations from the Australian National Audit Office's 2010 performance audit of direct source procurement.

In particular, the AEC simplified its procurement procedures and complemented them with a comprehensive suite of tender templates, procurement planning documents and checklists to enable staff to conduct procurement processes effectively and efficiently.

Advice and training

The National Procurement and Contracts Unit continued to provide specialist advice to assist AEC staff to conduct procurement in accordance with the Commonwealth procurement guidelines.

The unit conducted training sessions to instruct staff on ways to meet their obligations under the procurement policy framework, and be in the best position to determine value for money when conducting AEC procurement. The unit is developing a suite of e-learning modules that will have benefits over traditional classroom training, such as more flexible learning options and reduced costs.

Environmental guidelines

In accordance with the Australian Government Environmental purchasing guide and checklists, the AEC takes into account relevant energy and environmental issues when making procurement decisions.

During 2010–11, the AEC made one approach to the open market seeking services covered by the Environmental purchasing guide and checklists. The procurement was for printing and mailing house services to facilitate postal voting.