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Updated: 17 October 2011

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The AEC's organisational structure in 2010–11, including the names of senior executives, is shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 Organisation at 30 June 2011

Figure 3: Organisation Chart at 30 June 2011

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The Electoral Act was amended in 1984 to establish a three-person Australian Electoral Commission with the functions and powers set out in s.7 of the Electoral Act. The Commission meets as required in accordance with s.15 of the Electoral Act.

The Commission consists of a chairperson, who must be an active or retired judge of the Federal Court of Australia; the Electoral Commissioner; and a non-judicial member.

At 30 June 2011, the Commission consisted of:

  • the Hon Peter Heerey QC, the Chairperson,
  • Ed Killesteyn, the Electoral Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer of the AEC, and
  • Brian Pink (the Australian Statistician), the part-time, non-judicial member.

Senior staff

As Chief Executive Officer, the Electoral Commissioner has the powers of an agency head (within the meaning of the Public Service Act 1999), and has responsibility for the management and strategic leadership of the AEC in relation to:

  • enrolment and election activities,
  • conduct of federal parliamentary elections and referendums, and certain other ballots, including those for industrial organisations,
  • electoral education programs,
  • electoral research,
  • administration of human, financial and other resources,
  • provision of assistance in relation to overseas elections and referendums, and
  • national dissemination of electoral information and education services.

Assisting the Electoral Commissioner in the National Office are the Deputy Electoral Commissioner, two first assistant commissioners, six assistant commissioners, the Chief Finance Officer and the Chief Legal Officer.

State managers, who hold the statutory appointment of Australian Electoral Officer for each state and the Northern Territory, also assist the Electoral Commissioner in managing electoral activities in their respective jurisdictions.

Photo of the Executive Management Group

Executive Management Group

Back Row (L to R): Peter Kramer, Pablo Carpay, Michael Maley, Paul Pirani, Kathy Mitchell, Sandra Riordan, Andrew Gately, Rachel Harris, Robert Pugsley, Claire Witham, Marie Neilson, San Lauw, Doug Orr
Front Row (L to R): Anne Bright, Tim Courtney, Paul Dacey, Ed Killesteyn, Jenni McMullan, Cheryl McRae, Neal Mason
Absent: Kevin Kitson