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Analysis of financial performance

Updated: 17 October 2011

For 2010–11, the AEC recorded an operating deficit of $16.6 million. This compares to the operating loss in 2009–10 of $4.4 million. The operating loss reflects:

  • the work undertaken to conduct the 2010 federal election, including an unprecedented volume of transactions processed at the close of rolls and an increase in postal votes and early voting options
  • maintaining core operating capabilities of the AEC
  • re-establishing an election ready status within the AEC after the 2010 federal election, including the purchase of cardboard polling equipment.

The Balance Sheet as at 30 June 2011 shows total assets of $43.8 million and total liabilities of $29.5 million. The total assets include cash and receivable of $14.8 million.

Net assets have decreased by $8.6 million (37.5 per cent). This can be attributed to:

  • a decrease in the appropriation receivable balances as the deficit used additional cash resources
  • leave liabilities decreasing as staff accessed leave following the conduct of the 2010 federal election.

The Australian National Audit Office has issued an unqualified audit opinion for the AEC's 2010–11 financial statements.

The AEC received a cash injection of $5.1 million from an Advance to Finance Minister to cover the additional costs for the 2010 federal election and the cost of preparing for an early election.