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Updated: 25 November 2010


The AEC published 11 open tender requests in 2009–10. In all cases, tender documentation was made available electronically through the AusTender system. Tender responses were also received electronically through AusTender.

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Policy and planning

The AEC's procurement policy was reviewed during 2009–10 to address changes to the FMA Act and Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines that affect the AEC's procurement policies and procedures. A suite of tender templates and procurement planning documents were developed to assist AEC staff to run procurement processes that meet the requirements of the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines.

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Advice and training

The National Procurement and Contracts Unit provided specialist advice to assist AEC officers to conduct their procurement activities in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines, the FMA Act and Finance Regulations.

The unit also continued to run interactive training sessions to instruct AEC staff in their obligations in meeting the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines. Ten new proactive procurement training sessions were developed and delivered regularly to AEC staff during 2009–10, including:

  • Introduction to the AEC Procurement Process
  • The Evaluation Process
  • Ethics and Probity in Procurement
  • Contract Management – Process and responsibilities
  • The Purchase Order Process.

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Environmental guidelines

The AEC has adopted the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts Environmental Purchasing Guide and Checklists to take into account relevant energy and environmental issues when making government procurement decisions.

During 2009–10 the AEC made nine approaches to the open market seeking procurement services covered by the Environmental Purchasing Guide and Checklists 2009–10. In these cases, the prospective tenderers were required to address the guide and checklists in their responses. The tenderers' responses to the environmental criteria were used in the evaluation process to select a value-for-money solution.

The nine approaches to the market seeking procurement services were for:

  • warehouse storage and delivery services
  • ballot materials
  • printing
  • public relations services
  • promotional displays.