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Updated: 25 November 2010

Table 1 sets out the role, functions, values and other key attributes of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), as described in the five-year strategic plan that commenced in July 2009.

Table 1 Organisational overview
Why we are here

The role of the AEC is to deliver the franchise: that is, an Australian citizen's right to vote, as established by the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

What we do


  • manage the federal electoral roll
  • conduct elections and referendums, including industrial elections, protected action ballots and fee-for-service elections and ballots
  • educate and inform the community about electoral rights and responsibilities
  • provide research, advice and assistance on electoral matters to the parliament, other government agencies and recognised bodies
  • provide assistance in overseas elections and referendums in support of wider government initiatives
  • administer election funding, financial disclosure and party registration requirements
  • support electoral redistributions.
For whom we do it

Our services are used by a wide range of customers including electors, political parties, the parliament, the government and organisations requiring electoral services. The pursuit of high standards in each of these areas ensures all Australians have a say in the government of the country.

What we value

As an independent statutory body we embrace the values of the Australian Public Service in the high standards of behaviour we display on a day-to-day basis. In particular, we:

  • conduct our business in a non-partisan manner with fairness and impartiality
  • maintain high standards of integrity and ethical behaviour
  • respect and uphold the law
  • are tolerant of difference, sensitive to special needs and show respect for one another
  • are open, transparent and accountable in what we do
  • respect and listen to our clients and stakeholders and each other.

We abide by the following principles:

  • we act to serve the Australian people and the Federal Parliament
  • we strive for excellence
  • we never knowingly mislead anyone.