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Updated: 25 November 2010

AEC offices are organised geographically, with a national office in Canberra, a state office in each state and the Northern Territory, and divisional offices in or near each of the 150 electoral divisions.

National office

During 2009–10, the AEC implemented a new organisational structure in its national office. The new structure meets business needs, appropriately balancing the needs to 'do' and to 'support', and provides capacity for future thinking and strategic capability. Changes included the creation of the Strategic Capability Branch.

The national office is now organised into eight branches:

  • Education and Communications
  • Elections
  • Finance and Business Services
  • Information Technology
  • Legal and Compliance
  • People Services
  • Roll Management
  • Strategic Capability.

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State offices

Each state office is headed by a state manager who is responsible for managing AEC activities, including conducting federal elections and referendums, and is the Australian Electoral Officer for the state or territory.

The State Manager for New South Wales also has administrative responsibility for the Australian Capital Territory divisions between elections. During an election period, an Australian Electoral Officer is appointed for the Australian Capital Territory.

In addition:

  • the State Manager for New South Wales has national policy responsibility for the AEC's conduct of industrial elections and protected action ballots
  • the State Manager for Victoria has national policy responsibility for the AEC's fee-for-service elections.

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Divisional offices

Each state or territory is divided into a number of electoral divisions that correspond to its number of members in the House of Representatives. At the end of 2009–10, there were 150 electoral divisions, with some divisional offices located with other divisional offices or state offices. Divisional offices are responsible for service delivery in elections, enrolment and public awareness.

Australia's electoral divisions are shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Electoral divisions

Figure 2: map of electoral divisions

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