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Updated: 22 December 2010

Developing and maintaining partnerships with other organisations, both in Australia and overseas, is one of the effective strategies the AEC uses to deliver its planned outcomes. Table 3 provides a few examples of the partnerships that the AEC engaged in during 2008–09.

Table 3 Key partnerships supporting AEC outcomes
  Partners Activities
Outcome 1 – an effective electoral roll Australian Government agencies and other organisations with access to age and address information Governed by memorandums of understanding, the AEC increased its use of the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS) database and Centrelink data to target mailings for people who are eligible to enrol but are not enrolled.
Australian Government agencies and organisations with shop fronts or offices that deliver services to the public Through the use of ongoing arrangements to display enrolment forms in shopfronts of the Australian Taxation Office, Centrelink, Australia Post, Medicare and some Rural Transaction Centres, the AEC continued to provide another means by which people can enrol or update their enrolment details.
Department of Immigration and Citizenship The AEC accessed the department's citizenship data file to investigate the eligibility of people who had indicated on their enrolment forms that they were not Australian citizens or had not provided details of their Australian citizenship although they had stated that they were born overseas.
State and territory electoral authorities The AEC worked with state and territory electoral authorities to maintain a complete, accurate and up-to-date electoral roll, and to manage the close of rolls and the provision of roll products for more than 100 local and/or state elections and electoral activities in all states and territories during 2008–09.
Other state government agencies and organisations The AEC will continue to work to establish collaborative partnerships with state government agencies and organisations to maintain and grow the roll.
Electoral Council of Australia The Electoral Council of Australia comprises senior members of the AEC and the state and territory electoral commissioners. The focus in 2008–09 was on agreeing future directions and working towards establishing future joint initiatives.
Outcome 2 – an impartial and independent electoral system AusAID The AEC's strategic partnership agreement with AusAID continued to provide a framework for close cooperation between the two agencies.
BRIDGE Project partners: the United Nations Electoral Assistance Division; the United Nations Development Programme; the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance; and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems The AEC is the lead agency in this international collaboration that provides a high-quality education package to build the capacity of electoral administrators.
International electoral authorities The AEC developed and strengthened networks with other electoral authorities internationally to share experiences and ideas.

The AEC also continued arrangements with electoral authorities in the Asia–Pacific region, such as the Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission and East Timor's electoral authority. Activities included staff work placements, participation in training programs and assistance with local government elections.
State and territory electoral authorities The AEC entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Northern Territory Electoral Commission on the provision of various electoral services for the conduct of the 2008 Legislative Assembly general election and the 2008 inaugural local government shire elections.
Outcome 3 – an informed community Museum of Australian Democracy The National Electoral Education Centre and the museum are working together to identify and explore ways to optimise the benefits of being co-located in Old Parliament House.
Centrelink The AEC has commenced preparations to collaborate with Centrelink again for the provision of the call centre services for the next federal election.