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Report on Performance: Outcome 1

Updated: 21 December 2010

Outcome 1 - An effective electoral roll

Outcome 1 – An effective electoral roll
Australians have an electoral roll which ensures their voter entitlement and provides the basis for the planning of electoral events and electoral redistributions
Output Group 1.1
Electoral roll management
Output 1.1.1
Electoral roll management
Output 1.1.2
Support services for electoral redistributions

Performance overview

On 30 June 2009, 13 892 562 people were enrolled to vote, an increase of 129 992 or 0.9 per cent since 30 June 2008. The AEC estimates that this represents 91.9 per cent those who are eligible to enrol and vote. The participation rate has declined from a high of 92.3 per cent at the time of the 2007 federal election.

The AEC processed 21.6 per cent fewer enrolment transactions in 2008–09 than in 2007–08, a decrease of 548 114.
A decrease was expected, as the transactions processed during 2007–08 included a substantial number prompted by the AEC's national targeted enrolment strategy and the 2007 election.

Mail review activity continued to be the primary source of enrolment transactions during 2008–09, contributing a significant proportion of transactions for changes in enrolment details, new enrolments and re-enrolments.

The AEC took a number of actions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of activities encouraging electors to maintain their enrolment, which resulted in improved responses to mailing and other roll update activities.

The AEC's Roll Management Group was established during 2008–09 to help deliver an election-ready roll, every day. The group is responsible for developing programs, policies and procedures for managing the electoral roll in accordance with the Electoral Act, and evaluating and reporting the results from their implementation.

The Roll Management Group developed the AEC National Roll Management Strategy 2009–2014 as a basis for managing all activities associated with the electoral roll. The objectives of the strategy are to:

  • build the enrolment participation rate
  • maintain the integrity of the electoral roll
  • improve administration of roll management within the AEC to achieve improvements in productivity, efficiency and effectiveness
  • deliver services in a timely and efficient manner, making it easier for electors to be aware of their obligations and engage with the AEC
  • build on partnerships with joint roll partners, government bodies and other organisations.

The AEC provided timely and accurate electoral roll products to a range of individuals and organisations. During 2008–09, the AEC provided roll products for more than 100 electoral events, 400 roll products to state and territory electoral commissions under joint roll arrangements, and 2292 roll products to selected recipients with entitlements specified in the Electoral Act.

Five redistribution processes were active during 2008–09. The AEC provided support and analysis to the augmented Electoral Commissions for Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory and the Redistribution Committees for New South Wales and Queensland.

The activities of Output Group 1.1 are described in more detail in the reports on the individual outputs.

Objectives for 2009–10

During 2009–10, the AEC will focus on ensuring that the electoral roll is as up to date and as accurate as possible by:

  • implementing its National Roll Management Strategy
  • improving its methods of contacting and seeking enrolment from un-enrolled eligible members of the community
  • making it easier for electors to access AEC services
  • employing technology to modernise processes, including modifying IT systems to better use existing data
  • introducing SmartForms on the internet to assist in enrolment
  • contributing to the development and implementation of the Indigenous Electoral Participation Program to improve the participation of Indigenous Australians in the electoral process
  • establishing new collaborative partnership arrangements.

Purchaser-provider arrangements

No purchaser-provider arrangements were in place for Outcome 1 in 2008–09.

Developments since the end of the financial year

No developments since the end of the financial year have affected, or may affect, Outcome 1 operations or results.