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Appendix E - Advertising and market research

Updated: 8 December 2010

Under s. 311A of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, the AEC must report annually on its use of advertising agencies, market research organisations, polling organisations, direct mail organisations and media advertising agencies.

Table 46 gives particulars of payments of $10 900 or more, GST inclusive, that the AEC made to such agencies in 2008–09. The AEC made no payments to polling organisations or to a campaign advertising media advertising agency in 2008–09.

Table 46 Payments, $10 900 or more (GST inclusive), on advertising and market research, 2008–09
Agency type Agency name Details Amount ($)
Advertising agencya BMF Advertising To assist planning of advertising for next federal election 15 995
Market research organisation Instinct and Reason To focus test enrolment promotional materials 12 000
Direct mail organisationb Computershare To sort and mail direct mail information material 17 522
Media advertising organisation hma Blaze To provide non-campaign advertising 1 012 464

a Creative advertising agency contracted to the AEC for the next federal election.

b Includes organisations that handle the sorting and mailing out of information material to the public. The cost reported includes only the amount paid to the organisation and not the cost of postage or production of the material sent out.